New Beginnings: The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors.
Photographs by Bill Aron.

New Beginnings: The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors.
Stories by Bill Aron.

"Cancer pulled my head right out my ass. It made me wake up, because stage 4 is not just stage 4; there is no stage 5" -Corey Jackson


I received my first camera at age 12 (I won it at Steel Pier in Atlantic City at the roulette wheel). It was a modest device, a Brownie Hawkeye, but it did spark something within me that led to a life long love of photography. I wanted to capture the world in front of me, and make that scene into a lasting image.

All my life I’ve been interested in how people present themselves and interact with each other, including with the camera. This site contains representative samples of the various projects I have done, personal as well as editorial and commercial. My exhibitions and stock photography are also included. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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About Bill Aron

From my first images of the Lower East Side of New York in 1974, I have never wavered from my commitment to depict Jewish Life in America and in Israel. I have therefore come to be known as the “Dean” of American Jewish photographers.

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